2020 Schedule

Facilitation Workshop

February 3-4

This course tackles meetings from the basics to some of their most subtle processes. It addresses the gap there is between the way people would like to be able to run their meetings and how they are actually run in practice.
@ Taipei, Taiwan
NTD20,000 / 1.5days

Facilitative Leadership Training

March 17-18

In this session you will learn how to facilitate a meeting as a leader. By doing so, you would see leadership from a new perspective and become a supportive leader.
@Taipei, Taiwan
2 days

Meeting Design Level 1

March 19-20

This is the fundamental course for those who are new to Meeting Design but have the general idea about meetings. In this session, you will learn how to make meetings / conferences / events more effective and efficient with MD 7 golden principles.
@Taipei, Taiwan
2 days


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