2020 Schedule

Facilitation Workshop – Basic
引導工作坊  - 初階

November 8-9

@Taipei, Taiwan

2 days

Facilitation (literally: “making things easy”) is the process by which meetings can be improved dramatically. It requires skilled facilitators who have an in-depth understanding of how meetings work as a form of communications. Facilitation is a skill and therefore our training is to a large extent skills training. This means that we integrate the technical and theoretical knowledge into exercises that allow participants to practice their skills with the group. They receive immediate feedback, which is an essential part of the learning.

會議幾乎可說是組織的最重要的一環,如何達到會議成效? 這其中的關鍵,在於會議引導(Meeting Facilitation)。即是透過專業且充分瞭解溝通模式的會議引導師(Meeting Facilitator),引領與會者投入參與會議內容,讓會議在快速及有效的時間內達成開會的目的。會議引導是項技能,透過有計畫及步驟的指導,讓參與者能夠與組員共同練習,做中學是最快的途徑。

Meeting Design Level 1
會議內容設計 - 初階

November 5-6

@Taipei, Taiwan

2 days

We will explore 7 ways of looking at meetings and determine what the 7 ways mean for the actual design of an effective program. We will also get into the messages sent by meeting venues and received unconsciously by participants. and we give you an insight in the professional reality of being a meeting designer and the creative and analytical skills required for that profession. Finally, we give you a number of specific experiences related to the core of what meeting design is. Get ready for an intense, interactive and fun learning experience!

會議活動規劃者必看 - 讓與會者停止滑手機、不打瞌睡的祕笈大公開

「開會」救星來了,透過會議內容設計能夠更準確達成會議目標,不再只是形式上的訊息傳遞,而是建構會議參與者之間的橋樑,透過深度交流、自我思考後得出最深刻的想法,讓每位參與者在會議結束後都能滿載而歸。Meeting Designer創造設計出一場更符合會議目的內容及形式,整個設計像是一部劇本般解釋會議中所設計的內容將由誰來執行,以何種方式所呈現。是時候該讓開會變成真正有效率、有效和有能量!

Hybrid Meeting Design

October 29

@Taipei, Taiwan

4 hours

The purpose of this course/workshop/seminar is to give you the understanding and skills necessary to bring out the best of hybrid meetings. From meetings-by-default to meetings-by-design, we will together re-think what “meetings” mean to us, so that we can truly carry out successful hybrid meetings. You will have opportunities to practice key learnings and improve through feedback. By the end of the training, you will view hybrid meetings with a new, exciting perspective!

幫助學員發揮視訊會議的效能,利用Meeting Design的會議引導技巧,以全新視角規劃、執行視訊會議,讓新型態的會議超越以往任何的會議體驗,讓線上與線下為數更多的會議參與者能夠充分投入。課程包括現場實務模擬,讓每個學員都可以透過實作與反饋,立即上手設計新型態會議。

Meeting Design Level 1

[CLOSE] March 19-20

This is the fundamental course for those who are new to Meeting Design but have the general idea about meetings. In this session, you will learn how to make meetings / conferences / events more effective and efficient with MD 7 golden principles.
@Taipei, Taiwan
2 days

Facilitative Leadership Training

[CLOSE] March 17-18

In this session you will learn how to facilitate a meeting as a leader. By doing so, you would see leadership from a new perspective and become a supportive leader.
@Taipei, Taiwan
2 days

Facilitation Workshop

[CLOSE] February 3-4

This course tackles meetings from the basics to some of their most subtle processes. It addresses the gap there is between the way people would like to be able to run their meetings and how they are actually run in practice.
@ Taipei, Taiwan
NTD20,000 / 1.5days

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