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1月14日 週四



Cross-Cultural Management Workshop

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Time & Location

2021年1月14日 上午9:30 – 下午5:30

台北市, 台湾台北市

About the event

Workshop on Cultural Differences


Do you want to become more effective in working with people from other countries? Then you need to understand the differences between cultures. And you need to be able to adapt your behaviour accordingly.

Join Orange Gibbon’s workshop on Cultural Differences and learn the basics of Intercultural Management.




Reason for the Workshop 課程目的

All our activities are becoming increasingly international: business, policy-making and implementation, NGO cooperation, etc. When we work together with people from other countries, most of the time things go well. But sometimes they don’t. Different national cultures have different expectations about how to deal with many daily issues: communications, decision-making, information management, responsibility and accountability, time management, risk-taking, etc.

If you have regular work contacts with people from abroad, you will recognize that sometimes you think you know what is happening in these relations, but you are not really sure. We see people’s behaviours, we hear what they say, but we are not really sure what it all means… This workshop gives you the tools to start understanding where cultural differences originate and how to work with them effectively. It will give meaning to people’s localized behaviours in a globalized world.




The Workshop and its Content課程內容

The workshop will connect the day-to-day reality of working with people from other countries to a model that captures cultural differences in 5 so-called dimensions. It is easy to understand and it will become a powerful tool you can use at any point in your working (and personal!) life. It is called the Hofstede-model and it is recognized worldwide as one of the best validated models for this purpose, soundly based on scientific research.

We will translate the model into your day-to-day activities, personalizing your learning. We will do this by combining exercises and case studies, as well as the personal experiences of participants.



The Trainer 引導師

Your trainer is Mike van der Vijver, who has 25 years of experience working on cultural differences with people from a great variety of international companies, government bodies, NGOs and associations. Mike is from the Netherlands and over the years he has spent significant amounts of times in Taiwan.

A participant in one of Mike’s workshops once said: “When I hear Mike explain how cultural differences work, it is as if he is walking on water!”

本次工作坊的引導師是Mike van der Vijver,擁有25年的工作經驗,與來自許多不同國家的國際企業、政府機構、非政府組織和協會且有著文化差異的人們共事合作。來自荷蘭的Mike,多年來,在台灣投入了大量的時間和心力,在成為會議設計師的同時,他也是一位跨文化管理的教練,為無數的企業及高階管理者進行培訓。跨文化很多人教,但實際接觸過數十萬名來自五大洲的Mike,以他的實際經驗來跟大家分享更有說服力。


Information about the training 工作坊資訊


· 經常需要與外國人商務溝通

· 任職於跨國公司、與跨國團隊共識

· 經常參加國際型會議及跨國會議

· 即將外派的人才

· 需帶領不同國籍成員之部門主管

Date and Time: Jan. 14, 2021, 09:30-17:30

If you are interested in attending this unique training, please contact Kate Chiang for further information (02-23628112 ext. 205 / or just register with Kate right away. For registration, you only need to tell her your Name, email and contact number. You can also get in touch with your direct contact with Orange Gibbon.

As always, this OG training is hands-on, high-energy and based on the active contribution from all participants. See you soon!

工作坊時間:2021年1月14日(星期四) 09:30-17:30




歡迎聯繫蔣小姐Kate(02-23628112 ext.205/,報名只需提供您的姓名、Email和連絡電話即可,也可直接與Orange Gibbon粉專私訊聯繫。


課前準備:The Culture Map,建議上課前可以閱讀此本書,會更有感!

如同以往,Orange Gibbon的工作坊都是實作、充滿活力且需每位參與者積極互動和貢獻想法,體驗式學習法更能夠增加學習效果,期待與您們見面!

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