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Good Meetings:The Three Es! 良好的會議樹立3E!

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

職場生活中有件事讓我從未停止訝異 :會議。




識別一個「好」的會議其實很簡單,根據「3E」來評斷:效率 (Effective)、效能(Efficiency) 和活力 (Energy)


  • 有效率的 (Effective) – 從明確的、可衡量的目標出發,藉會議規劃達成目標。效率指的是,會議的產出造就了明確的改變

  • 有效能的 (Efficient) – 善用資源來實現目標。效能意味著:會議成本最小化

  • 必須充滿活力 (Energy) - 會議規劃能確保參與者在結束會議時能感知到,他們收穫一個獨特的或有力的,或在任何情況下有助益的經驗,有活力的會議 將幫助參與者帶走切身相關的訊息。而活力具體而言,即是參與者在會議中交流嚴肅的議題,但同時享受樂趣,雖然嚴肅但有趣!

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on pexels

要實現 「3E」,你的會議應有縝密的規劃,以「設計」為本創造良好的會議,單靠前人的方法做會議是不會實現的。



There is one thing about corporate life that never ceases to astonish me: Meetings. Meetings are work-life’s black hole. They suck up vast amounts of Energy and we have precious little idea what happens inside.

The most astonishing thing to me is that people easily spend up to 90% of their working time in meetings while no one has ever taught them how to do meetings. Think of it… You step out of school or University and into the world of work. You have diligently studied chemistry, engineering or sociology, got fine grades, and what do you do in your day-to-day life? Attend and lead meetings! Doing them the way your colleagues do is the safest bet. And so, we all follow the default.

As a result, we rarely experience meetings that are done well. How do you recognise a “Good” meeting? That is simple: by testing them against The Three Es: Effectiveness Efficiency and Energy.

  • A Good Meeting is Effective – it starts with clear and measurable goals and the meeting programme achieves these goals. Effective means: the meeting produces an output that contributes to a necessary change.

  • A Good Meeting is Efficient – it achieves the goals with the best possible use of resources. Effective means: the meeting has not been a waste.

  • A Good Meeting has High Energy – the programme makes sure that the participants leave with the feeling that they have had a unique or powerful or, in any case, a useful experience. An experience that has contributed to obtaining an outcome that is relevant for them. Energy means: participants interact about serious issues and meanwhile, they have fun. Serious Fun!

To obtain a good score on the Three Es, your meetings should have programmes that are properly thought through. You won’t get those if you do things By Default; you create them By Design.

Our Facilitation Skills training allows you to discover how to work with the three Es. Sounds easy? Well, to a large extent it is! The main thing is to have the guts to leave your default settings behind.




• 日期:2024. 02. 17-18 週六日

• 時間:9:30-17:00

• 地點:台北市(於行前通知確切地點)

• 詳細課程資訊|立即報名: ✓ 限額精緻小班,精準提升個人技能

✓ 實作演練,去蕪存菁掌握訣竅 ✓ 現正早鳥優惠,三人團報更優惠


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